I love people. And I love food. This blog is a space to bring the two together with the goal of learning new cooking methods and building great relationships. Posts will range from entertaining, interviews, regional cuisine, and events where food and friendship are shared. If there is anything you’d like to see posts on, I would love to hear your input.

As newlyweds learning our way around the kitchen, my husband and I have discovered a free-form style of cooking which I hope to share. While we use recipes for some things, we are learning to use what we have and create our own recipes based on our ingredients. My dream is to liberate those who feel restricted by recipes and afraid to stray from their specifications. I will occasionally use this space to test out material for the cookbook I am creating, so know that I really value your feedback.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. joan normansen says:

    Looking forward to sharing creative food ideas and great conversation!

  2. Lynnette Luchaco says:

    Just got my mom’s cast iron skillet, I’m sure it has seen many fabulous meals. I made the best dinner rolls ever in the skillet. They were a real hit!

  3. Jani DeVries says:

    I have been playing around with different fresh herbs this summer, especially tarragon. Any ideas for that? I actually added just a “bit” to some fresh sauteed green beans…not bad! It can be overpowering.

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