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Collab Event with Abigail Tjaden

Untitled-2One of the best things about food is how it brings people together! Newfound friends from the south were made this month, and last week we had to say goodbye. SE Portland friend and artist Abigail Tjaden and I wanted to give them something great as a parting gift, and thought “what better way to send them off  than with a Portland-style bohemian picnic?” Gathered at Col. Summer’s park, we spread our blankets, pillows, and finger food.  Cured meats, cheese, fruit, olives and bread served as a simple dinner and made for easy eating.


Even with the already great people-watching  that is available to Col. Summers, we drew alot of attention with our set-up. It takes a little more work and prep, but it’s a really simple way to make something ordinary, like a picnic, into something special.

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